Coco & Co Fine Chocolates

Indulge. Savour. Delight.

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About Coco & Co

Coco & Co Fine Chocolates offers delicious, beautiful chocolate confections using organic, locally grown ingredients. Each and every chocolate is handmade with passion and mindful attention to detail in Portland, Oregon.


Coco & Co is owned by Sarah Leoni, who after living in Lyon, France, was moved to create chocolates that encourage sensual enjoyment and a slow appreciation of life. Sarah is a self-taught chocolatière who draws inspiration from the many flavors of life to develop her own unique selection of confections that provide something for everybody. She is constantly seeking to explore new techniques and exciting flavor concoctions.

Here at Coco & Co, we believe that chocolate is a magical, alchemical blending of subtlety and strength, of elegance and intensity. It’s an awakening adventure for all the senses and a healthy indulgence that should be enjoyed freely and frequently.

We invite you to take the time to indulge without guilt, savour every moment and delight in life’s delectable pleasures.