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These are the products available for direct ordering this week.

You can also buy chocolates at Icon Tattoo and Boutique at 813 North Russell Street Portland, OR - Get directions or Jackson & Adolph Flowers at 1424 East Burnside Street Portland, OR - Get directions

La Classique - This Simple Truffle is an Elegant Mix of Bitter and Sweet - Dark Chocolate/Vanilla Ganache rolled in Organic Cocoa Powder $1.50

La Menthe - This Cooling Peppermint Truffle is enrobed in Dark Chocolate and garnished with Fresh Garden Mint $2.00

Apricot/Walnut Mendiants - $2.00

Coconut Mendiants - $2.00

Peanut Bijoux - Perfect Peanut Clusters with a little added Sea Salt $2.00

To place your order please email [email protected] or call 503-888-5095 and leave your name, chocolate picks, method of payment, the shipping name and address and we will promptly email you back the total charge and estimated time of delivery.

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